Tales of flyfishing the Farmington River.

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Our products were born of necessity fishing for trout in the rivers of the Foothills.  In addition to carefully chosen materials, our products are made from years of fishing experience and a belief in quality and loyalty to our customers.

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Though not my primary occupation, I've trained a number of fisherman in the art of fly-fishing.  I do not offer guide services, rather, a combination of training on form and fly-fishing tactics from which novices and intermediate fly-fishermen can benefit. 

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Hi.  I'm Charlie, the CT Fly Guy.  I've been fly-fishing the Farmington River in  Connecticut for over 20 years.  This site is a place where I share some musings, reports, and pictures for fellow fisherman to enjoy when not on the water.  Please email me any advice you're willing to part with and I'll post it on the site!


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